Who Can Learn About Smoking Meat?  Anyone Can and it's Fun and Rewarding.

Welcome to All About Smoking Meat.com. Here we will show you how to create delicious smoked foods from different cuts of meats, poultry and salmon that will impress anyone who enjoys good barbecue.

Before the invention of refrigeration, meat smoking was used as a way to preserve food. As time went on it was discovered that cooking at low temperatures, for a long period of time using a hardwood, such as mesquite or hickory for the source of heat and smoke, produced amazing results.

This type of smoker cooking can make the most undesirable and toughest cuts of meat fall apart tender and juicy with a great smoky flavor.

Fast forward to present day and meat smoking has become almost a religion to some people.

So if you are looking for a good rub for baby back ribs. It's here! You might want a excellent brine for smoked fish. It's here also! You can research the different types of smokers and grills plus the various woods used to create different flavors in whatever food you choose to smoke.

Feel free to browse our navigation bar to the left of this page and discover all that you need to know.

It is our goal at All About Smoking Meat.com to give you quality information on how to create incredible meals for family and friends to enjoy.

So let’s go for it and get smoky!

All you need to know about barbecue

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