If You Are Looking at BBQ Smokers, Here are some things to consider.

There are so many different bbq smokers on the market today it makes choosing which type to buy a tough decision.

The first thing to consider is cost. Some meat smokers can be quite expensive.

Basic models such as the Little Chief will run you about a 100 bucks, the Big Chief, a little more. I’ve had a Big Chief for years and have smoked a ton of salmon in it with great results.

What types of meat and how much you want to smoke at one time should be considered. Cuts like brisket or ribs take up a fair amount of room, so make sure the cooking area will fit your needs.

Some bbq smokers use electric elements for their source of heat and smoke, some use propane, others use wood and charcoal. All of them do a pretty good job once you get to know how they work.

Temperature control is an important factor in making your choice. Most of the bbq pits and meat smokers that I’ve looked at have a way to do this, usually with a thermostat of some kind or air flow and smoke vents.

There is one other way to go if you can’t decide on which smoker to get.

Buy two, that’s what I did, a Big Chief for the small stuff and a Brinkman with an offset fire box for the big stuff. It works for me.

Whatever you decide on, know this, with a little practice, friends and family will be enjoying barbecue like never before.

So pick out a smoker or two and get smoky!

Electric Smokers are very user friendly and make it possible to create down home country meals like a professional Pit Master.

A Gas Smoker is easy and economical to use and you get quality results. You can put this smoker on auto pilot and free your time up.

Offset Barbeque Smokers utilize a large smoke chamber with a separate offset firebox. They are popular with many professional and competition Pitmasters.

Build a Homemade Smoker and enjoy tender mouth watering meals from your own backyard.

A Water Smoker is a great way to add flavor and moisture to your smoked foods.

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What is your experience with meat smokers?

With all the different smokers available today it is hard to make a decision on which kind to get. So lets put our heads together and share some of your favorite experiences with the type of smoker you use. If you wish you can send us a picture and tell your story about a favorite backyard bbq event. Have you made your own smoker or have you had particularly good luck with a certain kind of smoker?

We will post your submission on this web site so that other grill masters can get some ideas and help in choosing a smoker and how to cook with it . Have Fun!

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