Want to Try Smoking Fish? Here’s Where You Can Learn How.

Smoking fish is a process to cook fish that delivers great flavor to a sometimes bland tasting food. It's not rocket science. If you follow a few basic rules, it's really quite easy and the end results are definitely worth giving it a try.

First you need some fish. If you’re a good fisherman, problem solved. If not then the seafood market is the place to go. Where you live might limit your choices somewhat but with airfreight and overnight shipping what it is today you should have a pretty good variety, no matter where you live.

In my neck of the woods, the smoked fish of choice is salmon, King Salmon to be exact. When it is done right you can’t beat it with a stick.

Try to use the freshest fish available, preferably already filleted with the skin left on. The skin helps to keep the meat moist and from falling apart.

Brines have taken on a bit of a different role since the advent of modern refrigeration. Toady it is used more as a way to enhance flavor, rather than a means of preservation. This allows you to be much more creative with your brine recipes.

Your smoker needs a heat and smoke source of course , but most importantly it should have a way to control the temperature. Most smokers on the market today have those features. Being able to control the temperature is a critical factor in order to end up with the best possible product.

Is smoking fish fun and rewarding? You bet...So lets get smoky!

Smoked Salmon is a great way to enjoy fish with a moist and smoky flavor.

Smoked Halibut … sweet, delicate and delicious.

Smoked Trout. … Light and tasty.

Smoked Smelt ...give it a try.

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Do you have a favorite fish you like to smoke? Tell about it here.

If catching fish and smoking fish is your bag , share with us your experience smoking your favorite catch. Send us a picture, tell us a story and let our like minded readers from all over the world delight in your smoked fish. We may even be able to learn a few new tricks or share a few of our own. Have fun because that’s what it’s all about.

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