Tips And Recipes For Smoked Poultry

Smoked poultry is a great way to enjoy any kind of bird that tickles your fancy.

Our recipes for smoking poultry will give you all the information needed to brine, season and prepare your bird for the smoker. Cooking temperatures, times and the types of woods you might use for smoke are also included.

Break the routine of cooking poultry the common way. Go for the smoker and turn the foul you are preparing into a juicy meal with a light smoky flavor.

Just pick a smoker recipe below, try it out and share your experience with us.

Our friends and readers in our blog love to learn about each others different techniques. A picture would be great too.

Let’s get Smoky!

Smoked Turkey Recipe

Smoked Chicken Recipe

What Kind of Bird have You Smoked?

It’s time to shine! Share your favorite experience smoking the bird of your choice. Share a picture if you want with your story of what you went through. It can be the best meal you ever created or a disaster that you will never forget. Just have fun with it. Our readers are dedicated grill masters and will enjoy a good story and maybe even share their comments.

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