Cook Like a Pro using Offset Barbeque Smokers.

Offset barbeque smokers give you the ability to prepare beef, pork, poultry, and other foods with an incredible smoky flavor.

You can use wood, charcoal or both for your source of smoke and heat. It does take some practice to learn how to maintain the proper cooking temperature. With a little patience you can easily master the skill it takes to manage your fire.

When starting, the first thing to do is place about two pounds of charcoal in the firebox, which is about two coffee cans full. Then light it. While waiting for the charcoal to turn completely white, prepare the meat for the grill.

Once the coals are ready, place several pieces of wood on the rack above the coals. This will produce the smoky flavor that penetrates the meat.

Place the meat in the center of the rack in the cooking chamber.Close the lids on the cooking chamber and the firebox. Set both vents about half open or half closed, you choose. Now you are in the business of temperature control.

The temperature should be maintained at approximately 200 to 250 degrees. This is a must do.

A good Grill Master can tell when his food is done by the touch and feel of the meat. This takes experience and practice to learn.

So get the temperature right and lets get smoky!

Electric Smokers are very user friendly and make it possible to create down home country meals like a professional Pit Master.

A Gas Smoker is easy and economical to use and you get quality results. You can put this smoker on auto pilot and free your time up.

Build a Homemade Smoker and enjoy tender mouth watering meals from your own backyard.

A Water Smoker is a great way to add flavor and moisture to your smoked foods.

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