Why Use a Water Smoker?

Whether or not a water smoker is the right smoker for you is the question we will try to answer below.

While just about any type of smoker will do as an outdoor cooker, it becomes a matter of personal preference to choose one that not only fits your needs but also fits your personality.

Smoker cooking will become a whole new experience when you create steam that mixes with smoke particles and penetrates deeply into the foods you are cooking.

Typically most are box shaped or bullet shaped and fired with charcoal, gas or an electrical element. Directly above the heat source will be a water pan.

You might want to add a little wine, juice or maybe some herbs from your herb garden to enhance the flavor. You are limited only by your imagination.

Using water is a great way to keep moisture in your foods, but there is a drawback. It takes considerably longer to smoke with water, sometimes three to four times as long as other food smokers. This would mean, if it takes four or five hours to cook a rack of ribs, it might take eight to ten hours to cook using water.

While time may not be an issue, the quantity of charcoal or the amount of gas you use could be. As far as an electric one goes, just make sure you have a convenient outlet to plug into.

Another consideration is portability. Keep in mind you must have lots of charcoal, an extra propane bottle or a very long extension cord if you want to move your smoker around.

If you use this type of smoker fire it up and lets get smoky!

Electric Smokers are very user friendly and make it possible to create down home country meals like a professional Pit Master.

A Gas Smoker is easy and economical to use and you get quality results. You can put this smoker on auto pilot and free your time up.

Offset Barbeque Smokers utilize a large smoke chamber with a separate offset firebox. They are popular with many professional and competition Pitmasters.

Build a Homemade Smoker and enjoy tender mouth watering meals from your own backyard.

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