Are Electric Smokers the Right Choice for You?

a common electric smoker

There is a huge variety of electric smokers on the market today. Most are not complicated and quite easy to use.

If you have little or no experience in the art of smoking meats and other foods, this type would be one to consider using.

On some higher end models, heat and temperature are controlled by digital technology and can produce smoke for up to eight hours. There is no need to worry about fire management or temperature control, which is required on the more traditional outdoor cookers.

Some of the lower end electric food smokers have no temperature control. You simply plug it in and place the wood chips in a pan directly on the heating element. You do have to replenish the wood chips occasionally during the cooking cycle.

In the end what you will have, could possibly be the best meal you have ever tasted.

So plug it in and lets get smoky!

A gas smoker is easy and economical to use and you get quality results. You can put this smoker on auto pilot and free your time up.

Offset barbecue smokers utilize a large smoke chamber with a separate offset firebox. They are popular with many professional and competition Pitmasters.

Build a homemade smoker and enjoy tender mouth watering meals from your own backyard.

A water smoker is a great way to add flavor and moisture to your smoked foods.

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