If you want to smoke pork ribs, you have come to the right place.

Smoked pork ribs have been the inspiration for the backyard bbq throughout this country.

It seems that everyone has their own secret ingredients or their special way to prepare them.

Without a doubt they have an almost magic way of bringing people together on a warm summer day to enjoy great food and great fun.

Lets start with the basics and build block by block with a goal of perfect ribs seasoned with your personal touch.

Spareribs come from the lower section of the ribcage and tend to be fattier with great flavor. The loin ribs are from the upper section of the ribcage and are less fatty however the meat is usually a little more tender.

When making your choice, look for the ribs with the most meat. That is after all, the part you want to eat. Check the sell by dates on the package and settle for only the most current dates. I like to get mine from a local butcher, they seem to be more consumer friendly and interested in quality rather than quantity.

Once you have made your choice, it is time to prepare the pork ribs. Look at the underside of the ribcage and you will find a thin membrane. Although not required, I believe it best to remove it from the bone. You can do this by using a butter knife and working it under the membrane until you get enough room to get a good grip on it with your hands. Pull hard and continue until completely removed.

The next step is applying a rub. A rub is nothing more than a combination of herbs and spices. So raid the spice rack and put your favorites together for a personal touch that you can call your own. You can also go to the market and buy a pork rub that is ready to go. You will probably need to try many different brands to find one that suits your taste buds.

Heat up your smoker and get it up to about a 250 degree temperature. It is important to keep the temperature as constant as possible. Add some chips of hardwood to develop the rich smoky flavor that is the earmark of great barbecue.

You can put the pork ribs flat on the grill if you wish, but I find that a rib rack works great and it allows you to cook a larger quantity in case you have guests.

It will take about four or five hours to cook to a juicy tenderness that almost jumps off the bone right into your mouth. If you lift the rack of ribs by the bone and it almost breaks in half it should be done to perfection.

If your mouth is watering pick up some pork and lets get smoky!

Smoked Pork Shoulder slow cooked to perfection.

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