Smoked Chicken is a Great Way to Enjoy an Afternoon Barbecue.

Smoked chicken is a family favorite for weekend barbecue.

While it is fun to smoke a whole chicken, cut up pieces or halves are just as easy to smoke.

After purchasing your chicken, if it is frozen, let it thaw out in the refrigerator. If it is fresh, wash it off with cold water, inside and outside. Pat it dry after washing.

At this point you can brine or marinate the chicken. Brine is a salt and water mixture, which not only kills bacteria, but also breaks down muscle to enhance the tenderness and moisture while you smoke your chicken.

If you marinate the chicken, use salt based seasonings or salty liquids for the reasons mentioned above. Six hours of soaking in the marinade or brine should do just fine. When done, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

A good rub of your favorite seasonings or one purchased at your local market can also be added to give your chicken a personal touch.

Now it is time to heat up your smoker. Bring the temperature to 225 degrees before adding the chicken.

A drip pan under the chicken, with a little water, juice, wine or beer, adds flavor and helps to keep moisture in for the best smoked chicken.

When choosing your wood chips, hickory or mesquite works well as long as you don’t over do it. Any other hardwood will also work but personal preference is key when picking wood.

Smoke your chicken for about 60 minutes per pound and be sure to check it with a meat thermometer. The temperature needs to be 165 degrees to ensure safe eating but don’t overcook it or your will have a dry meal.

Chicken is a great choice, so heat up the smoker and lets get Smoky!

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