Turkey brine … A Must For That Special Meal

Using a turkey brine prior to smoking it will help retain moisture and add flavor for your special event meal.

Try the recipes below for an added twist to the basic salt brine.

1 - cup salt (without iodine) per gallon of water

½ - cup brown sugar

¼ - cup coarse pepper

2 - tablespoons poultry seasoning

1 - tablespoon taragon leaves

2 - cups finely chopped celery

In a large pot add water and all ingredients. Bring to rapid boil then reduce heat to medium high and continue to boil for 15 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

Place turkey in large container and pour brine over turkey until completely submerged and refrigerate.

Allow approximately 1 to ½ hours of soaking time per pound of turkey.

Remove and rinse the outside and the body cavity with cold water. Pat dry.

Another brine recipe worth trying is as follows. Use the same cooking and soaking instructions as above but try these ingredients.

2 - quarts water

2 - quarts vegetable stock

½ - cup salt (without iodine)

1 - tablespoon pepper

4 - crushed garlic cloves

As you can see with the examples above, you can use a variety of juices and flavorings. Experiment with your own ingredients for that extra special brine that your can share with others.

Pick out your brine and lets get Smoky!

Using Chicken Brine before smoking to maintain juiciness.

Salmon Brine is the magic key to superb smoked salmon.

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